Drs. Blair Interview Pt. 6 – Intoxicating Effects of Hemp, Drug Tests, and Addiction

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Dr. Emek Blair held an interview session with Col. Philip Blair, MD, about organic hemp, liposomal hemp, and how it is transforming his practice with patients. We are releasing the videos and transcripts in 6 parts.

Intoxicating effects. People are always concerned about, you know, is hemp and marijuana the same thing as hemp and THC. And I know during our talk I kind of stopped just to add a little humor to it. I said “This makes you numb. This makes you dumb.” We went through the difference between THC and hemp or you know marijuana and hemp in general. Have you seen any people get intoxicated by this product.

Oh never. Hemp doesn’t do that. As you’ve pointed out in your cute little saying, what I see is clarity with using the hemp extracts in that there is an improved vision and focus that there is an enthusiasm for getting things done, for being energized, and paradoxically, it also helps with sleep. It is just this magnificent approach. It doesn’t put you to sleep. It actually wakes you up and makes you more alert but then it also facilitates sleep when it’s the appropriate time for going to sleep.

I think I think it’s something that a lot of people misunderstand about sleep and how your body works. But a lot of times the people who got the most energy are the most energized they’re the ones who sleep the best. Right and you see these people wake up in the morning they go run five miles, then work all day, you know, you see them, they’re active, they’re ready go and they pass out immediately, right? That’s because all of their systems are firing correctly all of their other components in their body are well-fed.

Well with respect to sleep. Very very interesting how hemp works in reducing the amount of REM sleep. And the sort of anxiety related sleep while increasing and even doubling the amount of deep sleep so that after taking a day of hemp people sleep harder and deeper with greater rest as a result of that with less of that anxiety portion in their quality of sleep.

Right. Let me ask you another question. You know this is something that does come up and you and I have had some some good lengthy discussions about this. You know somebody takes a drug test. And it comes up positive. You know typically the information I’ve seen and what I’ve seen is you know it’s one of those cheap over-the-counter type of drug tests it’s going to be specific for THC. It’s just gonna be, you know almost anything’s going to come up positive. What what are your thoughts on this?

Well we’re not sure entirely sure about why that’s happening because of the hemp extracts not containing any significant amounts of THC and yet an occasional individual on the order of about one in 50 will come up positive on a urine drug screen. Now in all cases I really try to emphasize getting very specific about which chemical was identified was THC actually identified or was it a false false positive as a result of one of the other cannabinoids or a degradation product that occurred using the full spectrum type of cannabis.

All right. And I think we’ve had that conversation where one of the components in hemp is sometimes used as kind of a cheap way of figuring out whether somebody took THC because it’s a degradation product. However on its own it doesn’t intoxicate you it’s not a drug it’s just, you know, it’s just they’re in the habit of using that and potentially that’s what’s really causing the test to come up positive because tests are – a lot of them – are estimates. They’re not actually very specific and I think that’s something that maybe a lot of people have a hard time coming to terms with as an analytical chemist. I know that the lab tests are not measuring the primary thing you’re measuring the secondary thing right.

It’s always an estimate but it’s always very difficult for a patient who’s being enormously helped by using the hemp extract to come up with a positive test is going to impact his employment or his future job or somebody related to his family. And it’s really quite distressing to see that. I try to help people through that and in some cases where I’m able to address the employer and tell him that there are factors that could lead to a false positive and that this worker is taking this for treatment of their other conditions and in fact you’re seeing his improved performance as a result of using this substance which is a much better substitute than using some of the other drugs like opioids that are gonna have an adverse effect on and long-term impairment.

Right. I mean in fact is the hemp is actually being used to help get people to stop smoking or to get them off opioids or as alternatives to opioids, you know, that way they can get a healthy way of overcoming whatever stresses are in their lives.

Absolutely. You know with respect to Cannabidiol on the opioid system it’s really quite incredible in that it potentiates the opioids in terms of their analgesia. So you can reduce the [opioid] dose by up to three quarters and still have the same level analgesia, but you don’t increase any type of respiratory depression or toxicity as a result of that. So you’ve got that benefit. And the other thing is that while using hemp you’re able to block the withdrawal effects that somebody might have. And so that those with that anxiety, that sweating, that craving dissipates and that occurs with opioids as well as with nicotine and other addictive substances.

Yeah I mean that’s just incredibly powerful. And another thing you touched on is you know a lot of people feel there are drugs or herbs. Right? Western medicine or traditional medicine, you know. But it’s time and time again when you go to the literature you see that foods herbs combined with drugs oftentimes give the best results and the most important thing is just to do it correctly and do it under a doctor’s or physician’s supervision because they’re going to know that the most. But the fact that you said it was in combination, you know, hand in combination with a lot of drugs gives you a better outcome. I mean that’s worth a lot.

A perfect example is in the area of cancer. So we know that Cannabidiol is very supportive against the symptoms of nausea and vomiting and that you’ll feel like that Cannabidiol down to the cellular level. It protects normal tissue and it has anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects. So in combining chemo and radiation therapy with hemp extract you’re actually getting the best of both worlds with a very effective killing effect on cancer with the chemo and radiation therapy while you have the protection and the enhancement of that anti-tumor effect using Cannabidiol as well as controlling the symptoms giving analgesia, reducing nausea and vomiting, and improving overall well-being and sleep.

You know, I got to tell you, I mean as you’ve been talking I’ve been kind of imagining being your patient and coming in and speaking to you and having kind of like a whole new perspective. So rather than go the doctor’s office being, “ok here’s drugs, here’s surgery, here’s this thing,” we can do that, right and you’re qualified to do all of these things but you know what? Let’s try the simplest thing first. Let’s add this in and let’s add that in. Let’s, you know, kind of moving along that path would really open up the box of tools, so to speak. Right, I mean that’s what really this is. How can we use the most appropriate thing? Well once again I feel we could be here for another four or five hours but we gotta go to the farm and make sure everything’s grown the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you for your time and we’ll do this again soon.

It’s been a pleasure to be here and talk with you about this magnificent subject. Thank you.

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