Drs. Blair Interview Pt. 3 – Endocannabinoid System and Implications for Human Nutrition

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Dr. Emek Blair held an interview session with Col. Philip Blair, MD, about organic hemp hemp, liposomal hemp, and how it is transforming his practice with patients. We are releasing the videos and transcripts in 6 parts.

The Endocannabinoid system. I mean I’ve heard you describe it as the master regulator, right? So you have your immune system that regulates all the immune functions. But the Endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system that regulates your immune function. You have inflammatory pathways and that system which is part of your immune system. You have all the other different…

…neurotransmitter level, the gastrointestinal hormone system, our hypothalamus and pituitary, and adrenal axis is regulated by this master control which is the whole purpose of which is to maintain homeostasis. Not to make us exceptional in any area; just to maintain balance and it’s controlling the neurotransmitters, it’s controlling the inflammation or the immune pathways, controlling hormones, the gut and even down to our metabolism and all aspects of how we are interacting with our environment digestively from our gut and the signaling that microbiomes deliver to us actually go through the Endocannabinoid system.

So, Basically homeostasis. I mean that’s really the goal here, right? And we want to feed our body get to a place where our bodies can function properly and every single system in our body can function properly.

You want to be resilient. You want to be able to react to different situations and to feel more natural. You can also turn back the clock by 10 years by taking hemp. It has almost a magical transformation for people that they can begin to look and they act and they think younger using Cannabidiol.

Yeah I mean it’s this is something that I know you take it. I know I take it. It’s one of those things that I know when I stop taking it. I’m kind of reminded that, like what am I doing? Why why why did I stop?

That happens all the time. I have just this week I’ve had somebody come back and say well then they dropped off for three weeks and they are really starting to feel the pain and they were very anxious to get back onto the Cannabidiol that they were using that gave them that transformation. And that high functioning performance that they were really looking for.

Yeah. And knowing that that full hemp extract, I mean it’s got the cannabidiols, it’s got all the trappings, it’s got all the other ingredients that, you know, we’re still finding out about all these amazing active ingredients in this hemp extract that we weren’t even aware of. So I mean, what I imagine is, as time goes on, we’re going to keep on learning more and more and more. Until another 100 years of research is led into this, right?

You’re absolutely right. All we really know about is some of the science as it relates to mostly preclinical studies that haven’t been in humans. We’ve got a number of human studies that are pretty good and they show the safety and the benefits that you can achieve with it. But a lot of the studies are looking at either cell cultures or preclinical and they’re getting down to the nuts and bolts of how hemp works and the entourage where it changes with that environment. The other chemicals that are associated with it in the whole plant really make a difference in the overall performance. There was a study that was done on an isolate – a prescription and FDA approved agent – that showed that 31 percent of children with high-level epilepsy responded to the goals. That was a 50 percent reduction in seizures but using a whole plant they had seventy one percent response. So dramatic improvement with that but I do want to say one more thing about Cannabidiol and some of the mechanisms that are involved in going through that literature I’ve found. Well over one hundred and sixty mechanisms at play in Cannabidiol while working on the body and on cellular systems and with that pleiotropic approach that is impacting so many different systems in the body. The potential is unlimited. And then combining that with some of the other flavonoids and the polyols and the turpines that are involved with the plant, I think there’s a magnificent future that Cannabidiol has for the whole health spectrum.

Yeah. I mean that’s the unfortunate part that for so long, hemp wasn’t really around – it wasn’t really allowed. So now mankind is being reintroduced to a plant that we’ve been together with for thousands of years. You know I always go back to the Botany of Desire which is one of those books that have really influenced how I think about nature and the world. And in there, it talked about apples and potatoes and the Tulip but also went through cannabis and hemp and it kind of showed the partnership with cannabis and hemp and humans over thousands of years. I mean, it’s our food, clothing, sails for our ships. I mean it’s just everything, right? Then it was taken away from us for 50, 60 years for really no good reason. But now it’s back. And it’s back stronger. So what we’re seeing is that it’s people are starting to eat the food they had been used to eating for 50, or for – sorry – for thousands of years not 50 – for thousands of years. The partnership is starting up again. You know we’re being nourished properly again. You know we’re just seeing all these amazing things and I think we haven’t even started really recognizing all the possibilities that are out there. I mean every time I talk to you every time I talk to anybody else who’s in this industry or farmers or experts in this field, it’s always amazing to me how another connection is made. This could really help push us forward in a variety of different ways and [achieving] homeostasis. It always comes back to the concept of homeostasis, over and over.

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