Drs. Blair Interview Pt. 2 – Hemp Impact on PTSD and The Concept of Micro-Dosing

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Dr. Emek Blair held an interview session with Col. Philip Blair, MD, about organic hemp, liposomal hemp, and how it is transforming his practice with patients. We are releasing the videos and transcripts in 6 parts.

What was really fantastic was you actually showed here’s a video by somebody who just came back from I think two tours in Afghanistan and he was just talking about being able to function again and this is was really feeding you know his body and allowed him kind of to communicate with his family with his loved ones go out in public and just you know have some fun right.

You know as I speak with a number of these veterans and my veteran myself and having spent 26 years in the Army and I was in a combat situation in the first Gulf War. So I’m really sympathetic for these soldiers and what they have to go through. And so I tend to reach out and I make connections with these soldiers, about using Hemp. The relationship really, really blossoms in that I’m able to bring them back from the brink of major problems and difficulties in their life. And so I’ve got a couple of those veterans have been talking to me and telling me about the transformation that they’ve had in their lives as a result of using the life of Soul and the full plant extract for use in Hemp. 60 percent of these people responded very very quickly and actually are showing signs of complete remission for the PTSD problem.

And in Europe you’re tracking data. So did you track two sets of data. Right. One set of data was four month use and then in your own as you’re talking to them right. You also give them a little bit and you start asking them questions and taking them through to see what kind of immediate effects they get. Right. So let’s start off with immediate effects and then if you don’t mind expanding on to what we can expect after a month or what that I’d expect that what you’ve seen after a month of what you clinically certified

When I introduce cannabidiol to an individual let’s say PTSD in a soldier. But we have to remember that there’s a lot more people out there besides soldiers with PTSD. But when I introduce Hemp to anybody I want to see. Or hear them as they take their first dose. So that first dose goes in their mouth. I will ask them to before the dose I ask them to assess where they’re at in terms of their symptoms whatever they might be. And then after they take that dose I ask them to hold it in their mouth for at least a minute swish it around and then I focus on their eyes and their facial muscles because I see this relaxation around the face I start to see more spontaneous movement when they feel the effects of Hemp are visual changes that occur so they’ll notice that they are going to what I call high definition mode when they’re speaking and their voice changes or their voice typically drops an octave and they start speaking faster and more clearly there’s a deep breath and a sigh because they’re relaxed in the chest and their lungs are working better and they’re talking with more force and so there’s more vigor. In addition they’re actually moving; you start to see movement of areas that have been restricted or constricted over a long period of time start to loosen up and have greater movement for them. They’ll also relate that they have a decrease in their pain. And their comfort level – they’re relaxed and calm and that is a very different situation for them. And the one last thing that I point out is they typically will smile and laugh after taking the Hemp.

So I mean that’s kind of amazing to think about. That’s confirmation that the uptake is very, very quick. I mean if you’re seeing a result within a minute, two minutes, five minutes. That means that unlike typical hemp that you eat, liposomes are really helping it go into the blood quickly and you’re seeing the immediate effects.

Absolutely. So that’s I guess getting in right in there and I think it’s got to be working at least in some degree on the neurotransmitters and re-regulating those so that they get back in balance and so the body’s responding in the appropriate way. So you don’t have to wait any time at all. Like I say it was about two minutes and you start to see that response five minutes to ten minutes you’re getting a full response from the liposomal Hemp from that first dose. And I tell people that there are these immediate effects that last for several hours but a continuing effect. And a continuing benefit that occurs as well as an intermediate anti-inflammatory effect that starts to kick in at three to five days. And then you have these long term benefits (that) are actually metabolic changes that I believe are going on in the cells of the body, including epigenetic changes as a result of action on the nucleus and shifting of some of the genetic profiles that are there.

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