Drs. Blair Interview – Pt 1. – Difference Between Whole Hemp Compounds and Extracts, Patient Reactions

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Dr. Emek Blair held an interview session with Col. Philip Blair, MD, about organic hemp, liposomal hemp, and how it is transforming his practice with patients. We are releasing the videos and transcripts in 6 parts.

I’m here with Dr. Phil Blair who’s become a good friend of mine over the last couple months. I really appreciate you coming to Colorado and I guess the first thing I’d really like to speak about is if you could tell people about what we did; how we gave a presentation together talking about liposomal hemp and how you use it in your practice.

That was a great great presentation that we gave. And it was a huge impact to this particular group. Who were a collection of chiropractors and physicians who were using some advanced forms of therapy for their Orthopedic type of patients. Those injuries. They were getting great results with what they were doing but they wanted to go to the next level. I think us going there and talking about cannabidiol really brought it to that next level. And it was exciting to bring it. And we could see the enthusiasm in that crowd. It was thrilling.

Yeah you could really see the gears turning right? And people started noticing these gaps that they had in their practice and how adding this hemp nutrition into their practice really was going to help them out and maybe get some results they didn’t see before.

Well I think your message about this being a whole plant substance and what it could do as an overall benefit. I brought in the medical and the clinical side and experience that I’ve had of how it covers so many of the other things that are involved as well as providing the analgesia and the anti inflammation that needs to be there. But a real surprise was actually with regard to stem cells and then we maybe we’ll talk about that but but your point about the whole plant substance was really really strong.

Yeah I mean it’s one of those things right. So if you’re gonna give somebody a food you want to give them everything. I mean you’re not going to take just the green out of lettuce right? Now just gonna take just you know the red out of a tomato, no you want the whole plant, the whole material. I mean the actives definitely have their part but if you really want to feed somebody and (feed the) the cannabinoid system, (actives) really won’t give everything. In a little bit we’re going to go to the farm and really see how these plants grow. You know, we can certify again that they’re organic. You know these are truly indigenous Colorado hemp plants, found here naturally that we just – you know not we, but the farmer, our partner in this really helps – you know, grow and just help nature out.

I want to corroborate what you just said about the whole plant substance because I’ve seen this clinically and what I have looked at is people coming to me who have used isolate type of Hemp and the performance is just not there. And there’ve been a number of studies that really emphasize that point where you have a linear and a continuing improvement as you increase the doses of Hemp. But when you use the isolate you reach a bell-shaped curve where you get a maximum effect and then it tapers off. You don’t get those benefits. And in fact several studies have been released recently and they’re showing that same exact fact.

So you know that everybody’s heard me talk about liposomes and all that kind of stuff. And the reason I’m going to try and segway into that is because we talked about the study and this study was using hundreds of grams of material. I mean that’s really, really expensive. But you showed some data where you were effectively micro-dosing (using liposomal hemp) right and for everybody out there who doesn’t know what micro-dosing is, it’s when you get a very, very small amount of any substance and you see what the effect is.

Yes you’re exactly right. I saw a tremendous response from just using a few milligrams; five milligrams typically for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who had not been successful using all of the other therapies involved or had had the condition for 10 years or more and introducing the layperson to hemp in micro dosing typically was five pumps or five milligrams twice a day. Dramatic response right there in front of me. Emek, I saw these people all relaxed, their face, their eyes open up wider and they would smile to me and feel the calm and relaxation that they hadn’t felt for years.

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3 thoughts on “Drs. Blair Interview – Pt 1. – Difference Between Whole Hemp Compounds and Extracts, Patient Reactions

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  2. Shanna B Warner says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I watched (and read the transcripts of) all the videos, and I am thrilled about the positive impact the liposomal CBD will make in so many lives. I am especially interested in the effects on PTSD; my book for trauma survivors about ways to reduce their overall stress will be coming out this next year. I can’t wait to try the new CBD products so I can let my readers know of my experiences with the liposomal CBD. THANK YOU, Dr. Blair, for this life-changing work! And I still have 60 acres in SE Oklahoma for us to grow hemp. I would love to start a hemp farm and be a small part of blessing people around the world with real, honest nutrition and neutraceuticals! Shanna Warner (My website: smallflameofhope.com is under construction, but it is the site that will be associated with my book for trauma survivor’s. My book is titled: “This Small Flame of Hope: Change your Life, Reduce your Stress, and Move on- A Guidebook for Survivor’s Everywhere!” It will be available early in 2019. ) Thank you sir for what you are doing!

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