Dr. Blair Interview Pt. 4 – Negative Effects of Hemp Extracts

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Dr. Emek Blair held an interview session with Col. Philip Blair, MD, about organic hemp, liposomal hemp, and how it is transforming his practice with patients. We are releasing the videos and transcripts in 6 parts.

So this is a question I get asked all the time and I figured you’d be the best person to answer. You’ve been in practice now for decades and you’ve been using hemp in your practice for quite a while now. Have you seen any kind of negative interaction or negative effects?

Well in short, no. I’ve been practicing medicine and in a family practice for about 40 years. And for hemp I’ve actually only been using it for four years but I’ve seen no significant adverse effects or toxicity from using Cannabidiol. Nothing of any significance. Occasionally someone will have a headache or they’ll feel fatigued after using it. And for me that’s just a matter of explaining to them that they’ve taken too much and that they need to decrease the dose. And I feel very comfortable talking to people from thousands of miles away in adjusting their doses of Cannabidiol. Just by doubling the dose. And finding the right amount that works for them to control their symptoms. I’m not worried at all about toxicity or adverse effects that are going to happen from hemp; easily controlled and insignificant in totality.

Well that’s kind of amazing. So you’ve seen people with a variety of ailments and you use this as part of their nutritional foundation. You have given them this hemp extract nutritional foundation and it’s always helped them. And you’ve never seen any negative outcomes from that?

That’s right. And it goes on to drug interactions. I see very rarely does Cannabidiol interact with any other drugs. Now in theory there’s a point where it’s going to interact with the cytochrome 450 system within the degradation in the liver. But in fact I don’t see that until you get two very, very high levels and using the small doses that I’ve been using and been able to use with the whole plant, I haven’t seen those kinds of effects at all.

Right. And you know you just unwittingly came into my wheelhouse so as far as the cytochrome p450 system that’s my background, what I know and love. I know all the liver enzymes, all detoxification mechanisms. I’ve been doing this for years and that’s what you’re going to see every single time. They always say the dose makes the poison, right? So a lot of these studies, as I went through them, were very very typical. You know here’s the dose you’re supposed to have. Here’s the dose people we’re taking to see really great effect, and here’s the dose that people took when they saw these negative outcomes and basically what it was. These people were taking so much material that their body didn’t know what to do with it. So they just had to get it out of their body. And that’s the p450 mechanism. So it’s basically your body’s just cleaning itself out and it’s like anything. If you chug two gallons of water it’s going to really really stress your kidneys and you’ll see some very negative outcome from that. That’s the one thing I’ve always looked at is how does hemp extract interact with your liver enzymes the so-called cytochrome p450s and it seems that they work really, really nicely together. The other great thing is this: Isone system is really designed to sidestep it. So rather than going through your liver system it goes and gets absorbed gets used. And then what isn’t used then that’s cleared out. And that’s the whole point of the micro dosing right is you give a very small amount where you’re never going to stress out any of these systems. You never get stressed out, your liver is going to go on doing its work, and you’re good to go from then on.

So for my patients I find that I have to find the right dose for them to achieve the balance and control of their symptoms before just dosing any particular amount. So patients are always asking me, “well how much should I take?”. Well it depends on you as an individual. I don’t know what that is. With micro dosing, I can easily start with a standard serving that’s on the bottle and have them double that or cut it in half. Now usually I use a standard serving that’s on the bottle for adults between age 7 and 70. But if you get outside of their range I’d start with a half that dose or if somebody reports to me they’re extremely sensitive to new any substance or new medications. Other than that the worst that I’ve seen has been that fatigue or a mild headache that will occur and no significant interactions that’s occurring with other medications included.

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